Helpful information

Welcome to Puka Dottie where you will find an assortment of handcrafted bags and accessories.  We have a passion for creating.  Our focus is on creating merchandise that we hope will make you smile.

Your Puka Dottie bag is made with premium fabrics.  Our choice of fabrics are  heavy weight denim and canvas which results in a sturdy and durable bag.  We also like to use woven cotton fabrics which will depend on the style of the goods.  Fabrics for face mask are gently washed and dried using low settings before it is cut and sewn to minimize shrinkage. 


Please note each bag is unique.  Placement of the exterior fabric will not be as shown in the photos, but it will definitely be just as pretty.  We believe the lining should be pretty as well, therefore we also use premium medium - heavy weight cotton fabrics.  Please note, the lining may not be as shown on the product photos but will be just as pretty.   

We use leather straps for the wristlets and crossbody bags.  The color of the leather strap you purchase may not be as shown on the product photo.  We use various shades of brown/dark brown due to the availability of the leather.  We make every effort to provide the right leather goods that will compliment each bag. 

Recommended Care

To maintain and promote longevity of your bag, we recommend spot clean, using a soft cloth and a small amount of fabric detergent.  Tap on the area and avoid rubbing.  If you prefer to wash your bag, please gently hand wash in cold water.  Do not wring.  Line or lay flat to dry.

For bags made with waxed canvas fabric, spray with plain water, gently use a scrub brush, rinse, and let it dry. For stubborn spots or stains a mild bar soap may help clean specific areas.

 Face Mask

Reusable and washable.  Recommend hand wash or delicate wash.  Line dry or low tumble dry. 

Please note each mask is unique.  Placement of the fabrics will differ from the photo.   We will use various colors and prints from our fabric collections for the lining and filter pocket.  

Face mask are NON-MEDICAL grade.  No medical statement is expressed in the use of our face mask.  These face masks are not medical grade and will not protect you from contracting virus’.  Please refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website or contact your medical physician for information on protecting you and your family.