Aloha ~ Welcome to Puka Dottie.  Growing up on the islands were spent with many weekends on the beach - swimming, boating, fishing, and camping with my Ohana (family).  My fondest memories are of swimming all day and then treated to the best meal prepared by my mom.  

Summers and weekends also meant sewing classes.  I had no idea how sewing would become a major part of my life.  I enjoyed walking into class with a handful of students, cutting patterns and fabrics, creating darts and gathers, and finally finishing cute smock tops.  

What started out as a hobby slowly grew into a small business.  I’m Mary the sole creator and train behind Puka Dottie.  The name Puka Dottie was created with a lot of fun and imagination.  Puka in the Hawaiian language means “hole.” In the early years of my business, I enjoyed using fabrics with polka dot designs.  Therefore, Puka Dottie :).   Each item is handmade by me in my tiny workshop in Hawaii.  I lovingly perform every aspect of my small business from design, fabric selection, sewing, web design, and shipping.  I use many types of fabrics from organic woven and knit fabrics to denim and canvas fabrics.  I also love colors - the brighter the better. 

Browse my shop.  If you have a question about a particular product, just let me know.  Thank you for visiting and stop by again.  I am always looking for new projects. 

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