Hibiscus Garland Face Mask

Puka Dottie ®

NON-Medical Face Masks are made with breathable premium 100% cotton fabrics.

Each mask is made with two layers of lightweight fabric.

The mask is made with nude nylon band which is stretchy and comfortable and includes a clear silicone adjuster allowing you to adjust the fit just as you like it.

Reusable and washable.  Recommend hand wash or delicate wash before use.  Line dry or low tumble dry.  Light press if preferred.

Each mask is different.  Placement of the fabric may not be as pictured.

No medical statement is expressed in the use of our face mask.  These face masks are not medical grade and will not protect you from contracting virus’. Please refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website or contact your medical physician for information on protecting you and your family.

Hazard choking object - silicone adjuster. The silicone adjuster is attached in a way that it cannot be pulled out unless the nylon band is cut or torn.


Type: Face Mask

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